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The first and foremost goal of JLNMC hospital is to perceive, the accurate and actual need of the patients. We tend to work towards the goal as our focus is to satisfy each and every patient.

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Sl.No. Doctor’s Name Mobile No.
1 Dr.(Prof.) Uday Narayan Singh (Superintendent) 9470003121

Directory  Of JawaharLal Nehru Medical College & Hospital, Bhagalpur

Dept. of Medicine
1Dr. Abhilesh Kumar (Associate. Prof ) H.O.D9199979136
2Dr. M.N. Jha (Assoc Prof )9661540858
3Dr. H.S. Sharma (Associate. Prof. )9431213778
4Dr. Bharat Bhushan (Associate. Prof. )9934234684
5Dr. Raj Kamal Choudhary (Associate. Prof.)9431214880
6Dr. Amrendra Kumar Singh (Assistant Prof.)9162010033
7Dr. Ravi Anand (Asst.Prof.)9939188888
8Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh (Asst.Prof.)9431275200
9Dr. Md. Umar Farooqe ( Asst Prof ) 9835422212
10Dr. Obaid Ali (Asstt. Prof.)9431609852
11Dr. Anand Kumar Sinha(Asstt. Prof.)9279981781
12Dr. Kumar Saurav (Asstt. Prof.)9546573610
13Dr. Ajay Kumar (Sr. Resident) 9031001941
14Dr. Rajeev (Sr. Resident) 8271776317
15Dr. Pritam Kumar (Sr. Resident )9835430591
16Dr. Amit Kumar Nirmal (Sr. Resident) 9599346034
17Dr. Sumit Shankar (Sr. Resident) 9990512631
18Dr. Sayyad Anjum Parwez  (M.O)9431214352
Dept. of Surgery
1Dr. (Prof.) Kunal (Contract)8210477294
2Dr. Ashok Roy (Assoc. Prof.)9431277556
3Dr. Chandra Mohan Sinha (Assoc. Prof. )9431214229
4Dr. Kumar Ratnesh (Assoc. Prof. )9431431119
5Dr. Rajendra Kumar (Asstt. Prof. )9931606646
6Dr. B.K. Jaisawal (Asstt. Prof. )9931095668
7Dr. P.K. Bazaz (Asstt. Prof. )9431411435
8Dr. Pankaj Kumar (Asstt. Prof. )8521300381
9Dr. Harishankar Prasad (Asstt. Prof. )9835614334
10Dr. Riyazuddin Ahmad (Asst. Prof.)9835492594
11Dr. Gopal Sharan Singh (Asst. Prof.)9939210720
12Dr. Pravin Kumar (Senior Resident)7903664815
13Dr. Ashutosh Anand (Senior Resident)9199547687
14Dr. Devendra Kumar (Senior Resident)8409799711
15Dr. Rahul Ranjan (Senior Resident)9430575658
16Dr. Sumit Raj (Senior Resident)7004950579
17Dr. Kashinath Pandit (Senior Resident)8294207923
18Dr. Himanshu Kumar (Senior Resident)8809584445
19Dr. Roshani Prasad (Senior Resident)8340657745
20Dr. Rupam Kumari (Senior Resident)8076016272
21Dr. Kumari Ekita (Senior Resident)7982040599
22Dr. Lalan Singh (Senior Resident)9199062458
23Dr. Sumit Mishra (Senior Resident)9199667276
24Dr. Neha Ranjan (Senior Resident)9304699101
25Dr. Yashpal Jajoria (Senior Resident)6204699981
26Dr. J.P. Sinha (Medical Officer)9431274851
Dept. of Orthopaedics
1Dr. Masih Azam (Assoc. Prof.& HOD)9473437060
2Dr. Govind MohanJee ( Assoc. Prof ) 9006101466
3Dr. Dr. Kanhaiyalal Gupta (Assoc. Prof.)9582134991
4Dr. S.K. Chatterji (Asstt. Prof.)9431214266
5Dr. MakhanLal (Asstt. Prof.)8521896418
6Dr. Prashant Pariyadarshi(Asstt. Prof.)9910826967
7Dr. Ratan Kumar (M.O.)9931853004
8Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (M.O.)9931678168
9Dr. Amresh Kumar (Sr. Resident)8292431452
10Dr. Sourav Kumar (Sr. Resident)6202651730
11Dr. Ranjan Kumar Prakash (Senior Resident)8340129583
12Dr. Sabarkar Hindustani (Senior Resident)7488097961
13Dr. Kumar Mayank (Senior Resident)9431080662
14Dr. Siddhartha Kumar Shrest (Senior Resident)9661929890
15Dr. Pankaj Kumar Yadav (Senior Resident)8292678007
16Dr. Krishanand Tirthankar (Senior Resident)7033304802
Dept. of Neuro Surgery
1Dr. Pankaj Kumar (Asstt. Prof. )9431171085
2Dr. Mukhtar Naved (Senior Resident)7909066525
3Dr. Kundan Kumar (Senior Resident)8860146111
4Dr. Sandeep Kumar (Senior Resident)9304901562
5Dr. Ekta Kumari (Junior Resident)9155380898
6Dr. Gautam Kumar (Junior Resident)8651295112
 Dept. of T.B. & Chest
1Dr. Santanu Kumar Ghosh (Associate Prof. & Head)9431213432
2Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh (Senior Resident.)9015185396
3Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh (M.O..)9934054142
4Dr. Dhiraj Kumar (Junior Resident)7739421046
5Dr. Abhinav Vishal (Junior Resident)7905970109
 Dept. of Obs. &Gynae
1Dr. (Mrs.) Anupama Sinha (Assoc. Prof.  )9934989016
2Dr. (Mrs.) Krishna Sinha (Associate. Prof. )9431431212
3Dr. Archana Jha (Assoc. Prof. )9431213795
4Dr. Sheela Kumari (Asstt. Prof. )8809390012
5Dr. Abha Sinha (Asstt. Prof.)9955611737
6Dr. Madhvi (Asstt. Prof. )9473040709
7Dr. Geeta Rani (Asstt. Prof. )9470979048
8Dr. Anupama (Asstt. Prof. )9631182776
9Dr. Sudha  (Asstt. Prof. )9523758165
10Dr. Seema Kumari (Asstt. Prof. )9431873829
11Dr. Maya Ram (Sr. Resident) 8793431728
12Dr. Priyanka Kumari (Sr. Resident) 8210401127
13Dr. Pragya Medha (Sr. Resident) 8434307187
14Dr. Tanu Kumari (Sr. Resident) 8880024071
15Dr. Homa Imam (Sr. Resident) 7783833676
16Dr. Sneha Bhushan (Sr. Resident) 7739947779
17Dr. Malkay Nayab Jahan (Sr. Resident) 9199593143
18Dr. Anita Kumari (M.O.)9934865135
19Dr. Seema Singh (M.O.)9431873829
20Dr. Seema Sinha (M.O.)9431825693
21Dr. Niharika Anand (Senior Resident)8294998616
22Dr. Padmini Ghosh (Senior Resident)7479716685
23Dr. Swati Bulbul (Senior Resident)8877559427
24Dr. Saima Kausar (Junior Resident)6201551055
Dept. of Skin & V.D
1Dr. Rajeev RanjanJha (Assoc. Prof.)9431207714
2Dr. Vikash Anand (Asstt. Prof.) 8987172052
3Dr. Neha Kumari (Senior Resident) 
Dept. of Radiology
1Dr. Sachin Kr. Singh (Assoc. Prof.& HOD )7488421931
2Dr. Mukesh Bihari (Asstt. Prof.)9431214660
3Dr. MD. Shahabuddin ( Sr. Resident) 7761817989
Dept. of Psychiarty
1Dr. A.K. Bhagat( Prof. & Head.)9934320206
2Dr. Kumar Gaurav (Assoc. Prof.)9973972122
3Dr. Karnik Kishore (Asstt. Prof.)9798657436
4Dr. Shiv Kumar Yadav (Junior. Resident)8804144137
Dept. of Clinical Pathology
1Dr. Ashutosh Kumar  (M.O)8294211321
Dept. of Blood Bank
1Dr. (Smt) Rekha Jha (M.O.I/C)9934456029
2Dr. (Smt.) Divya Singh (M.O)9801055311
Dept. of Eye
1Dr. U.S. Singh (Prof)9431001765 / 9470003136
2Dr. Uday Narayan Singh (Professor)9430512866
3Dr. Govind Kr. Mandal (Asst. Prof.)9470029220
4Dr. Jagdish Choudhary (Assistant Prof)9835486493
5Dr. Pummy Rai (Asst. Prof.& Head)9386876637
6Dr. Archana Kumari ( Assistant Prof.)9973449446
7Dr. Md. Jabir Hussain (S.R.)8084110895
8Dr. Sujata Kumari (Sr. Resident) 7004159255
9Dr. Deepak Kumar (Sr. Resident) 7991120764
Dept. of E.N.T.
1Dr. Dharmendra Kumar (Asstt. Prof. & Head)9430676891
2Dr. Surendra Prasad Singh ( Associate Prof.)9431095551
3Dr. Bhola Kumar Sharma (Senior Resident)9504617764
4Dr. Siddharth Kumar (Senior Resident)7301315932
5Dr. Ashutosh  Kumar ( Sr. Resident)9035607042
6Dr. Vinit  Kumar Anand(Sr. Resident) 8178784888
Dept. of P.M.R.
1Dr. Manoj Kumar Choudhary (Associate.. Prof.)9431422135
2Dr. Mani Bhushan (Asstt. Prof.) 9431214181
Dept. of Anesthesia
1Dr. Veena Horo ( Assoc. Prof. & Head)9431876095 / 9470003111
2Dr. Jitendra Prasad Singh (Asstt. Prof. )8804292955
3Dr. Mahesh Kumar (Assoc. Prof. )9431214057
4Dr. Alok Kumar Singh (Asstt. Prof.)9006477042/9473040706
5Dr. Sehzad Akhtar (Assistant Prof.) 9931446753
6Dr. C.B.K. Satyarthi (Sr. Resident) 9431489484
7Dr. Ashutosh Ranjan ( Assistant Prof.) 9470305052
8Dr. Anil Kumar Singh  (Assistant Prof.) 7979788314
9Dr. Anuj Kumar (Sr. Resident) 7903736983
10Dr. Amit Kumar (Sr. Resident) 9504685988
11Dr. Chandra Bhushan Kumar (Sr. Resident) 8789867134
12Dr. Anil Kumar (Senior Resident)9504685988
Dept. of Pediatrics
1Dr. K.K. Sinha (Associate. Prof. & Head)9470003110
2Dr. Ankur Priyadarshee (Asstt. Prof.)8102619201
3Dr. Khalil Ahmad (Asstt. Prof.)9431214494
4Dr. Satish Kumar (Asst. Prof.)9431074187
5Dr. Brajesh Kumar (Asstt. Prof.)8676900960
6Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Asstt. Prof.)9709703799
7Dr. Animesh Kumar (Asstt. Prof.)9953337667
8Dr. Rajeev Kumar (Asstt. Prof.)9113462838
9Dr. Anil Kumar M.O. Cum Junior Resident)9431277557
10Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh (M.O.)9973240741
11Dr. Rajeev Ranjan (Senior Residant)9401900111
12Dr. Krishna Murari (Senior Residant)8851423066
13Dr. Sudarshan Kumar (Senior Residant)9934572710
14Dr. Ruby Kumari (Senior Residant)8789254338
15Dr. Satya Gupta (Senior Residant)9852108441
16Dr. Chandan Kumar (Senior Residant)9470244129
17Dr. Shantanu (Senior Residant)7011322142
18Dr. Satyandra (Senior Residant)7870728675
19Dr. Nivedita (Senior Residant)9523449292
20Dr. Shireen Fatima(Senior Residant)8935899918
21Dr. Manika Rani M.O)7280008888
22Dr. Murari Kumar (Junior Residant)8918517828
23Dr. Nikhil Kikhanj (Junior Residant)8825132741
Dept. of PSM
1Dr. Bibha Choudhary (M.O.) 9431213385
2Dr. Vibha Pandey (M.O.)9973236468
Dept. of Dentistry
1Dr. Pramod Kumar (HOD)9431045234
2Dr. (Mrs.) Richa Angik (Associate. Prof.)8934361243
3Dr. Soni Kumari (Sr. Resident) 7633854066
4Dr. Ritu Sinha (Sr. Resident) 9431237513
Dept. of ICU 
1Dr. Rajeev Sinha (M.O.)9431277483
2Dr. Birendra Kumar (S.M.O)7549784477
3Dr. Ashwani Kumar (M.O)8271010790
4Dr. Kamlesh Kumar (M.O)7765839965
A.R.T Centre 
1Dr. Prabhati Keshri (M.O.) 9470068760
1.Dr. Suresh Prasad Singh9470003108

Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College Hospital, Bhagalpur
Hospital Manager All Health Manager Details

Sl. No. Name Designation Mobile No. Department
1 Sunil Gupta Hospital Manager 9470003105 Office
2 Abha Kumari Health Manager 9162812676 OBS &Gynae, MCH
3 Raushan Shankar Health Manager 7004165955 Emergency Control Room
4 Sourav Singh Health Manager 8789969717 EmergencyControl Room
5 Abhishek Kumar Health Manager 8298869346 EmergencyControl Room
6 Irfan Ahmed Health Manager 8298430451 EmergencyControl Room
7 Birmoney Kumar Health Manager 8540999005 Medicine, MDR
8 Brajesh Kumar Health Manager 7838883497 Surgery,Radiology, Blood Bank .
9 Anil Kumar Health Manager 8210584151 ICU, Pathology, Skin, Pediatrics, Thalassemia, Auditorium,
10 Sunni Kumar Sitesh Health Manager 7255918485 Eye, ENT, OT , MDR, Anesthesia Oxygen Manifold
11 Pawan Pandey Health Manager 9470252780 Gas Plant, Orthopedics
12 Madhukar Kumar Health Manager 840939323 OPD